OIA - Organización Internacional Agropecuaria | Servicio Internacional de Certificación
OIA - Organización Internacional Agropecuaria | Servicio Internacional de Certificación OIA - Organización Internacional Agropecuaria | Servicio Internacional de Certificación

Sustainable Fisheries

This is an environmental certification program to audit catch fisheries. It is a voluntary certification that can be accessed by all fisheries, no matter type, size or source.

OIA participated in the development of the methodologies which are the base of MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards, both for the fisheries certification and for the distribution traceability. OIA is the only Latin American certifier accredited to certify Sustainable Fisheries Systems.

What are this certification advantages?
The fishing companies obtain better prices for their products, access new markets, maintain a competitive position in existing markets, show their communities and interested parties an adequate management of fisheries and receive recommendations about changes to improve their management.

The OIA-MSC program promotes the development of management plans and new fisheries and proposes incentives for research and technological development to improve fisheries’ management.

The consumers realize that purchasing products which carry MSC seal they are supporting healthier oceans and environments and therefore, collaborating with fisheries’ future. MSC certification is one of the best options to ensure that consumers will continue enjoying sea products today and in coming years.

After completing the traceability audit (Custody Chain Certification) the certified products can carry an eco-label.

Who can obtain the certification?
Small fishing companies, national agencies, management authorities or not-for-profit organizations.

How is the organic certification process?
  • The process starts when the parties interested in the fisheries certification introduce to OIA the project to be certified.
  • After the certification request and signature of contract between OIA and the customer, there is an exchange of documents and information as required by the OIA-MSC certification program.
  • Then there is a confidential pre-assessment, where OIA performs a simple analysis of the fisheries to evaluate its compliance with MSC standard. (This step identifies aspects to be improved and helps to get ready to the full assessment).
  • OIA selects an independent evaluation team to the full assessment. This is a detailed public procedure which can last between 12 and 24 months. Additional information may be requested to respond technical issues and an improvement plan.
  • If the assessment team reports that the fisheries complies with MSC standard, it will obtain a certificate valid for 5 years with annual supervisions.
  • Then, the cycle is restarted for the recertification.